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Spanish Stones Products


Spanish Stones Products, we are a firm clearly pointed to the exportation. We mainly work with the manufacturing and commercialization of all type of marbles and natural products.

It is located in Novelda, in the province of Alicante (Spain). privileged place for its nearness to the main quarries of Spanish marble.

The most important marbles we work are: Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Light Emperador, Red Alicante, Nero Marquina, White Marble, Limestone Capri, Limestone Alba, Blue Limestone, Rosa Zarci, Yellow Triana, Cream Valencia...

We can offer all these materials in different dimensions and sizes as slabs, tiles, small wall tile, steps and countertops. All with different sizes and qualities as well as in different finishes like polished, brushed and bushammered.

Our main goal is to satisfy our clients and for this reason we must fulfill.

The following rules:

All is summed up to the fact that our clients get the suitable kind of material they need..